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Cellustrious® and Sleep Deprivation 

For hair loss, there are many options, but unfortunately, even in this age of advanced science, many treatments rely on things like drugs such as Rogaine or minoxidil or finasteride, and for men they may have potential long-term side effects. Hair transplants such as FUE and FUT, which may be effective but not always there are reasons to pause at their effectiveness. Even PRP - platelet rich plasma - which uses injections and can be very painful and traumatic to a patient. 

The  Cellustrious®  protocol looks at all areas of the scalp including the vertex, the forehead the frontal lobe and the sides, and the causes of the loss for both men and women, of all ages, ethnicities and no matter how long they have had hair thinning or hair loss.  We have treated hundreds of patients, and find many are very responsive to the protocol, developed by trichologist, Misti Barnes. Barnes, an author and trainer and collagen restoration therapist, developed  Cellustrious®  hair follicle rejuvenation as an at-home treatment along with a biochemist with a background in hair science, (Aveda, L’Oreal, Revlon) and who also happens to hold 40 patents for hair loss. The treatment they developed includes the most powerful proprietary plant-derived cytokines, growth factors and peptides, which are used in a protocol developed by Barnes. The protocol also involves an at home kit, which includes the  Cellustrious® leave-in conditioner, scalp stamp, hair follicle serum, and scalp replenisher, which were created to help support the regeneration of the hair follicle and target the causes of hair loss. 

The protocols are important because we want to treat the hair follicles and we also want to treat the scalp. So often the scalp and the skin on the scalp is overlooked by medical doctors, when it comes to hair loss they see the scalp and the effect it has on the follicles as separate issues. It is not. The scalp and calcification and fibrosis that can occur from things like auto-immune problems, gut inflammation, and medications can create havoc on the scalp, and keep the follicle from being able to regenerate on its own, which is why we use the  Cellustrious® at home kit. When we have consistent triggering of the follicles with a device such as a scalp stamp and factors that are made from plant-derived biomedical peptides, we can have an effective treatment that is non-invasive, painless, and easy to use.  

Cellustrious®  also has providers across the United States, and  Cellustrious® offers trainings for medical doctors in med spas, clinics and to licensed professionals who can microneedle. Our in-office and online training was developed by Barnes and allows us to be able to bring the  Cellustrious® procedure all across the United States. For a list of providers who are offering  Cellustrious®  go to our website at, where you can learn more. If you are a medical provider who is looking to train, please reach out to us at We offer intensive training along with marketing support as well as physician referrals and training kits which are very helpful to new providers. If you are an individual with hairloss and you would like to find out more about our protocol and services, call us at 727-231-6689 to set up an appointment and/or consultation. You don’t have to be unhappy with your hair, there is something that can be done.  Cellustrious®  is here to help you with your hair loss. 

Hair Loss I Cellustrious® and Sleep Deprivation 

While the causes of hair loss are many complex and varied, there is a theory that sleep deprivation can be one of the causes or components. 

The body heals itself at night, and the Cellustrious® hair rejuvenation protocol utilizes that healing time by applying the at home ingredients, which include the  Cellustrious®  hair follicle serum, scalp stamp, leave in conditioner, and scalp replenisher, which were created with five of the most powerful plant-derived growth factors, peptides, and cytokines, in order to trigger hair follicles which have gone dormancy, due to many reasons, the least of which may be sleep deprivation. But don’t take sleep deprivation lightly. We need to have time for the body to heal and when we are sleeping is when hair growth occurs. Our body needs that down time to  restore itself. That time is very important. For hair loss, consider  Cellustrious® a patent-pending treatment, developed by author and trainer, and trichologist, Misti Barnes, who together with a biochemist who has a background in health science (L’oreal, Aveda, Revlon), and who holds 40 patents for hair treatment. 

The  Cellustrious®  treatment is used at night along these Cellustrious®  at-home kit, is used before sleep to get the most powerful responses possible for the body. The in-office treatment is done by providers across the country, from medical doctors to surgeons, to RNs, to other licensed professionals to have been trained by Misti Barnes from  Cellustrious®. Our professional training allows our providers to offer the best treatment that is non-invasive, affordable, with little downtime, little pain and without surgery, no drugs or toxins, or painful injections like PRP.  Cellustrious®  was developed with a patient in mind, so doctors can get the best treatment available without having to resort to drugs or painful surgery. 

 The growth factors used in the Cellustrious®  treatment are proprietary and have been developed in an FDA compliant lab, go to work in the evening because that is the time that our bodies are most responsive to healing. So if a patient is not sleeping enough, that may be one of the causes of the hair loss, although there are many more. If the patient can start sleeping more and is not sleep deprived, we find that they are much more happy, healthy and they respond well to the Cellustrious®  at home and in office treatment protocol.  Cellustrious® has been awarded the 2020 “Best innovation and hair rejuvenation” by Aesthetic Everything, a prestigious med spa and trade show. If you would like to learn more about our professional trainings for medical and licensed professionals, call us at 727-231-6689 or If you are suffering with hair loss, come see us for yourconsultation and analysis and read more about our services and products by going to our website at