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Hair loss can be very painful. Embarrassment, loss of confidence, fear of aging and anxiety. Today’s marketplace solutions like Rogaine,  Propecia, PRP, lasers and transplants have been less than ideal in terms of success, which is why Cellustrious® has taken a radically different approach.

 Cellustrious® hair follicle rejuvenation is a patent-pending, in-office and at-home protocol which uses a proprietary microneedling protocol, combined with five of the most powerful plant-derived growth factors and peptides, including Procapil®l and Anagain®, with clinical tests and trials available. Developed by trichologist, author, trainer, Misti Barnes, along with a biochemist who has a background in hair science (L’Oreal, Aveda) and who holds 40 hair patents, Cellustrious® was created to target the triggers of hair loss. Among men and women, Cellustrious® has consistently delivered significant improvement in as few as 3 to 5 treatments, without the side effects of other options - versus Rogaine, which gets a 25% increase - and Rogaine is not consistent, specifically in women. 

Barnes participated in clinical studies with 100 clients for leading Irvine California lab, using bone marrow stem cells. The inconsistent result of bone marrow stem cells led Barnes to conclude that growth factors were a more effective solution. After formulating Cellustrious®, Barnes created an at home kit which includes a Cellustrious® Scalp stamp, a scalp replenisher, a leave-in conditioner, and the Cellustrious® hair follicle rejuvenation serum, all developed to support the results of the in-office sessions. Barnes was asked to present her research at the 2018 and 2019 Boston Biolife Regenerative Medical Conference - the only non-medical professional to be honored with that request. 

Cellustrious® focuses on the pathways in order to trigger dormant her follicles without drugs, surgery or injections. There is no downtime, it is less costly than most other treatments and no pain is involved. Before and after pictures consistently demonstrate growth ranging from significant to dramatic, among men and women. Many pictures showed significant improvement after just two treatments. 

Cellustrious® trains medical professionals and microneedling trained professionals all across the United States, including med spas, medical offices, regenerative and functional medicine doctors, nurses and PA’s. In some states, aestheticians may be able to administer the treatments. Cellustrious® can be used to support the results of other hair options, including FUE, FUT, PRP and drug based protocols. Although Cellustrious® works alone, without the need for other treatments. 

If you are dealing with hair loss, or struggling with postpartum hair loss, even if it a result of menopause, or male pattern baldness, no matter your age or ethnicity, you may be a good candidate for the Cellustrious® treatment. Please give us a call at 727-231-6689 or email us to set up an appointment. If you would like to learn more about our services and the treatment, or if you are a professional interested in training, go to 

Hair loss l Cellustrious® for Doctors and Clinics 

There are so many people who are dealing with the problem of hair loss, and even today, there aren't many options that don’t include drugs, lasers, surgeries or painful injections. At Cellustrious® we are hoping to change that and offer a product treatment protocol that doctors, med spas and medical clinics can offer their patients. 

For a medical spa or aesthetic clinic, if you are an RN, PA, or doctor - and, in some states even an esthetician - who wants to add to their practice a treatment that does not involve surgery, lasers, painful injections or drugs to patients with hair loss,  look to Cellustrious®. This treatment is a low investment offering, and easy and profitable treatment that provides residual revenue for the doctors’ office. The Cellustrious® home kit was developed by Misti Barnes trichologist, author, trainer and collagen restoration therapist, along with a biochemist with a background in hair science (Aveda, L’Oreal) who holds 40 hair patents. The home kit was meant to aid the office treatments, to support the growth that occurs as a result of the in-office protocols. The kit contains the Cellustrious® scalp stamp, Cellustrious® hair follicle rejuvenation serum, Cellustrious® leave-in conditioner, and the Cellustrious® scalp replenisher.  

Cellustrious® is the latest non-invasive, patent pending plan-derived biomedical treatment for hair follicle rejuvenation. Cellustrious® uses high quality ingredients to target the triggers for hair loss, promote scalp hygiene, reduce toxicity, and offer complete hair nutrition, while inhibiting the DHT. It also works to decrease calcification on the scalp, which can occur from many follicle disturbances, including: androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, medications, poor diet, poor health and toxicity. 

If you are a med spa, doctors office, clinic, aesthetic practice who would like to offer this treatment, you will be happy to know that the Cellustrious® treatment can be administered by a non-medical professional easily, the in office treatment comes prepackaged and pre-measured and is disposable. The per treatment cost is highly profitable for the provider. Cellustrious® can also be used along with other hair protocols, such as PRP, FUE, FUT systems, and lasers to increase their success. A medical clinic would bring the Cellustrious® protocol to an office and easily be profitable from the professional training program we offer across the United States. 

So, whether you are dealing with hair loss, or you are a medical professional or, in some states, and aesthetician with a microneedling background, if you are a RN, doctor or a med spa and you’d like to learn more about our retail products, or our in medical professional training, you can contact us at You may also go to our website to learn more about all of our resources, our services and retail products at