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Cellustrious® for Hair Loss

Recent studies have suggested that aside from being an irritant and an inhalant that is harmful to the throat and the lungs, there is now proof suggesting marijuana can cause hair loss through a variety of mechanisms. Forhair loss Thousand Oaks Cellustrious® offers a $27 voucher wh to any new client, as well as a hair analysis and a Cellustrious® scalp replenisher.

We know that hormones are critical to bodily functions, and recent studies suggest that the cannabinoid system - when it comes to cell growth control - is a key player. Endo and  exo cannabinoids inhibit the growth of human hair follicles. THC is an endocannabinoid and it attaches to the cannabinoid receptors like the cannabinoids do. People who smoke marijuana are cautioned to reconsider the habit, as a 2007 study from the University of Debrecen shows that the endocannabinoid, or THC, inhibits human hair shaft elongation and proliferation cycle of the hair matrix. 

We want to address the proliferation cycle, which is one of the factors that led Cellustrious® creator Misti Barnes Trichologist (Associate), author, trainer, and Collagen Restoration Therapist to develop the in office procedure to help women and men withhair loss Thousand Oaks. The treatment includes the use of powerful plant derived peptides, cytokines, and amino acids to help target the triggers of hair loss. However, there is no doubt that the chronic use of marijuana is linked to hair loss. Scientists are only now starting to learn that THC increases cortisol - a hormone produced during physical or mental stress - which can lead to and induce telogen effluvium, and prematurely inducing the follicle into a resting state.

There are many causes of hair loss, but there is little doubt that the chronic use of marijuana is not helpful and may be detrimental to hair health. We know that hormones toxicity stress inflammation and genetics play a part, as well, but decreasing the use of marijuana at least as an inhalant seems to be a good decision. For people who are dealing withhair loss Thousand Oaks they can learn more about how Cellustrious® can help them with their hair health, by

Cellustrious® hair rejuvenation is not only helpful for clients with hair loss, and we also now offer our treatment to professional and medical technicians who would like to offer the treatments, or to administer Cellustrious®  treatments to their clients and patients. Cellustrious®  is available as a one day training to licensed professionals, medical doctors, RN’s, and professionals who can microneedle in the United States. The Cellustrious® at home kit includes a leave-in conditioner, a scalp replenisher, hair follicle serum and a scalp stamp, which are available for purchase. 

If you would like to learn more about training or if you are concerned about your own hair loss or hair thinning, whether male or female, consider looking at this illustrious hair rejuvenation as an option. You can contact Cellustrious® at:  727-231-6689. If you would like to email us you can do so atinfo@Cellustrious®.com.

Cellustrious® for Hair Loss

Cellustrious® Hair Rejuvenation, which uses a combination of microneedling along with very powerful plant-derived peptides, tri-peptides, and amino acids forhair loss Thousand Oaks is now offering a $27 hair analysis along with a Cellustrious® scalp replenisher for all new clients. 

Misti Barnes, is a Trichologist (Associate), Collagen Restoration Therapist, author, and trainer, who developed this in-office and at-home product line in order to target some of the main causes that can lead to hair loss, some of which include: inflammation, toxicity, calcification, free radicals, and DHT production. The products also contain antioxidants and cytokines that have been biomedically derived from plant sources, along with the Cellustrious® at-home kit, in order to helphair loss Thousand Oaks. Barnes, together along with a biochemist with a background in hair science (Aveda, L’Oreal) who also holds 40 hair treatment patents, has developed an at home product line that includes the Cellustrious® scalp stamp, the Cellustrious® leave-in conditioner, the Cellustrious® hair follicle serum, the Cellustrious® scalp replenisher, all of which have been made to help support healthy hair.

When it comes to dealing with hair thinning andhair loss Thousand Oaks, there are a few alternatives to medications, most of which contain side effects, which can be irreversible.  Cellustrious®  is committed to finding alternative ways to help with healthy hair health, including the effective ways to inhibit the 5-Alpha Reductase - which happens to be one of the main triggers for hair loss - are often made of phytochemical compounds (produced by plants), and they have been proven to be effective. The compounds that are proven to help with DHT production, which include, but are not limited to, include: zinc, riboflavin, copper, azelaic acid, EGF, KGF, EGCG, Valoneic acid dilactone, garden balsam, Saw Palmetto, Biotinyl-GHK, VEGF, Vitis Vinifera Fruit Meristem, and IGF-1, alpha-linolenic acid, linoleic acid, palmitoleic acid, and oleic acid.

There is still much more research to be done for hair loss, and Cellustrious® offers a relatively painless process that focuses on the pathways in order to target dormant hair follicles without the use of drugs, surgery, or painful injections. For those doctors or medspas that are interested in learning more about the treatments, there is professional training available in the Cellustrious® procedure.Cellustrious® owner and developer Misti Barnes offers trainings across the United States to licensed professionals able to microneedle,  including medical doctors, nurses, and to medical clinics, aesthetic clinics, med spas, and medical or doctors offices that are treating clients and patients that are dealing with thinning hair, and hair loss.Even if a medspa or a doctors’ office has existing treatments for hair loss clients,Cellustrious®can be used along with other hair protocols: FUE, PRP, FUT, exosomes and lasers, in order to increase their chances of being successful, at a very reasonable price.

To learn more about the professional training, please contact Cellustrious® us at, or call us at: 727-231-6689. You can also learn more about all of the available options and procedures, treatments, and our professional training by visiting our website at: