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Cellustrious® or Follicular Unit Extraction

Although science has brought us many fantastic new technologies in science, when it comes to hair loss, the options for hair loss aren’t nearly as advanced. However now there is another option for those who may not want to take oral or topical medications, and it is called Cellustrious®.

As far as non-prescription treatment options go, minoxidil, which was originally developed as a treatment for hypertension to help increase more blood flow, and it has been the go to drug for many years. It was the first approved medicine for her regrowth and approved for over the counter use in the 1990’s. While minoxidil promotes hair shedding during the telogen phase, accelerating the hair into the anagen phase, it is only claim is that it helps hair loss on the crown area, with very little improvement on the frontal hair. Minoxidil is used for retaining hair, and not regrowth. Cellustrious® which is being used for hair loss is a wonderful option and alternatives to oral and topical medications, as well as surgery or painful injections, as it utilizes microneedling with five of the most powerful plant derived biosignals growth factors and cytokines. Cellustrious® was developed by a biochemist with a background in Hair science (L’oreal, Aveda) who holds 40 hair patents and trichologist Misti Barnes, who is an author and trainer and she has treated hundreds of patients in the Cellustrious® treatment procedure.

Cellustrious® also offers an at Home Kit, which includes the Cellustrious®  scalp stamp, the Cellustrious® leave in conditioner, the Cellustrious® scalp replenisher, and the Cellustrious®  hair follicle rejuvenation serum, all of which can be done easily and effortlessly at home to help combat the causes of hair loss, which includes DHT inhibition, toxicity, inflammation, and cell differentiation and proliferation. Cellustrious® also offers training to licensed medical professionals across the United States. We offer our training in a two-day session for licensed professionals. While Cellustrious® is a very different approach to hair loss from minoxidil or other topical medications, we believe that Cellustrious® can target the triggers of hair loss and help increase volume, without utilizing drugs or painful injections or surgery. Cellustrious® was also recently awarded the title of “best innovation in Hair rejuvenation” by Aesthetic Everything 2020, one of the top medical trade associations.

So, if you are tired of using minoxidil and not getting results, you owe it to yourself to try something that has worked for people across the globe. You owe it to yourself to try Cellustrious®, which is one of the few, non-invasive treatment options available. Please give us a call at 727-231-6689, or reach out to us by email at to schedule your hair analysis. If you are a licensed medical professional who would like to learn more about our services or our training go to to learn more. We want to help with helping you feel better.

Hair loss | Cellustrious® or Follicular Unit Extraction

For most of the people who have had a problem with thinning or hair loss they have often been suffering for years and been trying many different things, all while getting very little results. While most people will not respond to surgery, especially women, many doctors continue to offer that as the first option. .Call us and see if Cellustrious® is a good alternative to surgery for you.

With follicular unit extraction (FUE), individual hair units are removed from the donor area using a micro punch. The follicle is removed individually, and transplanted into the scalp area. Robotic technologies with optical sensors harvest the hair follicles in a scattered manner from an area of permanent hair, eliminating scarring and long recovery associated with other strip removal method. It is usually successful with very few complications. The problem is that there is a fixed amount of good hair that can be robbed from Peter to pay Paul. In order to meet the patients’ goal, surgeons may fill cavity after cavity until they run out of good genetic hair – which eventually runs out. Additionally, most women are not good candidates for FUE for many reasons, and they find that the option of surgery is not a simple one that they want to consider. For those people with hair loss we recommend Cellustrious®, which is a non-invasive, surgery free and drug-free option that does not involve painful injections, such as PRP. Cellustrious® uses microneedling along with five of the most powerful plant derived biosignals, peptides and cytokines in order to target the triggers that can cause hair loss. We also have developed a Cellustrious® at home kit to work along with or alongside the in office Cellustrious® hair treatments, wither alone, or at home. This Cellustrious®  Home Kit includes the Cellustrious® scalp stamp, the Cellustrious®  hair follicle rejuvenation serum, the Cellustrious® scalp replenisher, and the Cellustrious® leave in conditioner. The home kit is an easy to use option for those who cannot come in for in office treatments.

While surgery may be appropriate for some people it is not the solution for all, and there are many people who prefer a more natural, less invasive, drug free approach to their problem of hair loss and hair thinning. For those people we recommend Cellustrious®, one of the only options that does not use painful injection, drugs or surgeries.

Cellustrious® also offers professional trainings to Medical and licensed professionals in our one or two day training on the Cellustrious® procedure. Our patent pending treatment is available across the United States, you may reach out to us at to find a provider near you. If you are interested in setting up a hair consultation and analysis please reach out to us at 727-231-6689. If you have hair loss and you would like to reach us via email you can do so at info@