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Do Grains Cause Hair Loss?

If you’re dealing with hair loss, then you  know how difficult it is to watch your hair get thinner and sparser. You often feel like you have absolutely no control over your hair loss, but the truth is, you actually have power to help preventhair loss Thousand Oaks. We’re going to share with you the ABC’s of how to help stop hair loss, from Trichologist (Associate), author, trainer and Collagen Restoration Therapist Misti Barnes, owner of Cellustrious® Hair Rejuvenation. Barnes developed the Cellustrious® protocol, the newest non-invasive hair treatment that combines microneedling with five of the most powerful plant-derived peptides to target some of the causes of hair loss. 

So let’s talk about the ABC’s of hair loss! The A stands for: Antioxidants, which are found in dark, leafy vegetables, fish liver oil, and superfoods like: blueberries, cinnamon, avocados, and kale. Even dark chocolate! In addition to aiding in the fight against hair loss, antioxidants offer many health benefits, including reducing cancers, increasing lifespans and slowing the signs of aging.

B -  is for body scan. Remember, hair loss isn’t just about the head, it’s about your whole body. So, instead of focusing on where your hair is falling from, look at your body to identify potential causes. If you have hypothyroidism - which is when the thyroid stops producing important hormones - then hair loss can be triggered. Hair loss is also common with health conditions like Candida overgrowth (yeast infection), gut inflammation and leaky gut. Many digestive disorders are  linked to her loss, so be sure to examine your body from head to toe to see if those are contributing to the loss.

C -  consider alternatives when looking at how to prevent hair lossThousand Oaks. Drugs like Propecia and Rogaine may have negative side effects and there are other options that are just as effective. One of those options is Cellustrious® Hair Rejuvenation, which uses the most powerful plant derived growth active peptides and cytokines to target and treat hair health. Cellustrious® offers a hair analysis and Cellustrious® scalp replenisher for $27 for new clients. 

Barnes developed the Cellustrious® hair rejuvenation at-home system, along with a biochemist with a background and hair science who holds 40 hair patents, which includes a hair follicle serum, leave-in conditioner, scalp replenisher and scalp stamp, in order to support the in-office Cellustrious® treatments forhair loss Thousand Oaks.

Cellustrious® offers trainings to med spas, doctors offices, and aesthetic practices, as well as licensed professionals who can microneedle - depending upon the state. The professional trainings teach the theory and practical aspects of hair loss, as well as offering a hands-on training in the Cellustrious® protocol.

So there you have it: the basic ABC’s of hair loss, and tips that you can start using now. If you would like more information about the Cellustrious® hair follicle rejuvenation protocol, or are interested in training or or a professional proffessional interested in training, please reach out to us at 727-231-6689 or via email You can learn more about our services on our website 

Do Grains Cause Hair Loss?

While many Americans have lowered their grains, in order to stay thin,  many scientists are discovering grains and gluten may have an important role in inflammation in the body and hormone inbalances which can lead to calcification in the scalp. When it comes tohair loss thousand oaks, Cellustrious® Hair Rejuvenation takes the role that grains and gluten play into consideration.

Cellustrious® an innovative treatment forhair loss thousand oaks, is an in-office and at home treatment that targets the follicles that have gone dormant, utilizing the five most powerful plant derived peptides, tripeptides, and cytokines. Cellustrious®,  known for treating hair loss, offers a $27 hair analysis along with the Cellustrious® scalp replenisher for all new clients. The treatment was developed by Misti Barnes, - Trichologist, author, trainer, and Collagen Restoration Therapist, who begin her career working with a prominent cosmetic surgeon - not only deals with the exterior aspects of hair loss and health, but also looks at what’s happening on the inside of the body.

The Cellustrious® treatment is not only an in-office treatment, it is also includes an at home product line, created by Barnes and a notable biochemist with a background in hair science (L’Oreal, Aveda)  who holds over 40 hair related patents. The at home product line consists of the Cellustrious® scalp replenisher, Cellustrious® hair follicle serum, Cellustrious® leave in conditioner, and Cellustrious® scalp stamp, all meant to support the in office Cellustrious® treatments.

The Cellustrious® treatment forhair loss Thousand Oaks, also provides professional and medical training to med spas, aesthetic practices, and doctors clinics, was intended for doctors, RNs, and selected licensed professionals. The one day training includes hands-on work as well as theory, and hair anatomy and physiology. However it is important to consider the role that chronic inflammation impacts hair loss,  as a suppressed thyroid gland affects the immune system and can makes a person susceptible (specifically women) to hormonal imbalances. The ultimate problem exists when the thyroid function is  suppressed, which may be triggered by too many grains. This ultimate may lead to calcification in the scalp.

There is evidence to show that calcification on the scalp can be impacted by the diet, and many other controllable factors, and it may have a chronic effect on the body that ultimately lead to hair loss. Whether it be from dermatitis, transplant scarring, or just a generally unhealthy scalp, the treatments designed by Barnes at Cellustrious® all technicians and providers are trained to help reduce scalp fibrosis and the collagen issues that are created, which can be causing the dormant hair follicles. 

If you would like more information about how the Cellustrious® treatment and product line works, or if you are interested in professional training, please reach out to us at 727-231-6689. If you are interested in finding out more about the procedures and treatment, visit our website at: and arrange for a consultation, and your $27 hair analysis voucher that comes with the Cellustrious® scalp replenisher to all new clients. You can also email us at