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How Long for Hair to Grow with Cellustrious®? 

If you are like many of the millions of people in the United States who is dealing with some form of hair loss, you will be happy to know that there is a new, non-invasive plant-derived option for you. It’s calledCellustrious®.  

Cellustrious® is one of the leading new options for trichologists, who are professionals who  treat hair loss. Cellustrious® is comprised of five of the most powerful plant-derived peptides, growth factors, and cytokines, all made in a FDA compliant lab. These growth factors have been known and used to help heal the body for years, and now we know they can help support people who are dealing with hairlossCellustrious®was developed by trichologist, author, and trainer, Misti Barnes, along with a biochemist with a background in hair science, (L’Oreal, Aveda) who also holds 40 hair related patents. Together, they came up with a winning combination of plant derived growth factors, peptides and cytokines that target the causes and triggers for hair loss.Cellustrious® has an in-office treatment, and an at home kit. The at home kit includes this Cellustrious®  leave-in conditioner, Cellustrious® scalp stamp, Cellustrious® hair follicle Rejuvenation serum, and scalp replenisher, all made with the same powerful ingredients. The home kit is available for purchase through providers, which include doctors offices, medical spas and clinics. To find out more about this easy, one day training, please go to to schedule your training.  

Cellustrious® is also offering training to selected providers, which include doctors, RN’s, PA’s, and, in some states, aestheticians who are licensed to  microneedle. The training is easy and available online as well as in the office, and we have trained doctors all across the United States. The Cellustrious® treatment itself is non-invasive, relatively painless, takes less than an hour, and the results are quite successful. We have treated hundreds of patients. If you are a professional provider and would like more information on offering this treatment please reach out to us at 

Cellustrious® Hair Follicle Rejuvenation system has been awarded the 2020 Aesthetic Everything honor of “best innovation in hair rejuvenation,” for which we are very proud, as this is a prestigious spa and medical aesthetics organization. We love helping people with hair loss, and would love to be able to help more clinics and individuals who are dealing with hair thinning and loss. Whether it be due to hormones, genetics, toxicity, stress or a myriad of other reasons, we would love to try to help. If you would like to learn more about our treatment options or find other providers who are offering this treatment in their offices ormedspas, call us at 727-231-6689, or go on our website at to learn more about our hair services. 

Hair loss |Cellustrious®, How Long for Hair to Grow? 

For many of the men and women who have hair loss or hair thinning their question is “how long does it take for my hair to grow with Cellustrious®? 

So, to answer the question “how long does it take to see hair growth with Cellustrious®?” the answer is it depends on the person and their health. Hair grows an average of 1.25 centimeters per month. If a person isn’t responding to a treatment, specifically to the Cellustrious® hair follicle rejuvenation treatment, assuming they are doing the at home stamping as advised, there usually is some sort of underlying issue that must be addressed. Cellustrious® was developed by trichologist, author and trainer, Misti Barnes, along with a biochemist with a background in Hair science (L’Oreal, Aveda) who also holds 40 hair related patents. The Cellustrious® protocol which uses microneedling along with five of the most powerful plant derived growth factors, peptides and cytokines, is being used for patients who have hair loss. In addition to the in office treatment there is a Cellustrious® home kit which contains the Cellustrious® hair follicle rejuvenation serum, scalp replenisher, a leave in conditioner, and a scalp stamp, all developed with the finest ingredients at an FDA approved lab, in order to treat the main triggers that can lead to hair loss.  

When it comes to females with hair loss, we usually find that medications that are related to hormones, specifically birth control, can be a common problem, as well as certain IUD’s. For men with hair loss, many medications related to cholesterol, and antidepressants are a common cause of the slowing down of hair growth, or of hair not growing at a rapid rate. However, even in those cases,Cellustrious® can get improvement in new hair growth.Cellustrious®, recently awarded Aesthetic Everything 2020 “best innovation in hair rejuvenation” - one of the most prestigious medical aesthetic awards - is being used all across United States in med spas and clinics everywhere. We also offer a Cellustrious® training for medical professionals, doctors, nurses, RN’s and in some states estheticians, for those who are licensed to microneedle. This easy training allows medical and professional providers to be able to offer the Cellustrious® hair loss treatment to people who do not want to use drugs, surgery, or painful injections to treat their hair loss.  

If you are an individualwho has hair loss and is wondering why your hair is not growing, give us a call at 727-231-6689 or reach out to us via email And if you are a medical professional who is interested in our professional training and would like to see some of our happy patients after their treatments go to We love to see our patients feel better about themselves without having to resort to drugs or surgery.