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Telehealth for Hair Loss?

Can you help your hair without being in the office?


And while there are many causes of hair loss, including hormones, toxicity, stress, inflammation and genetics, we can help from home, with a treatment protocol, designed by trichologist, Misti Barnes.

You can get help preventing further hair loss from the comfort of your home with Misti's science-based, whole body approach to hair loss.


With our customized, individualized approach based. In our Telehealth meeting you'll get:

✅ An hour long consultation with a trichologist

✅ A full medical background

✅ A trichoscopic analysis of your scalp 

✅ On-Going support 

✅ An easy to use and maintain treatment plan designed just for you

✅ A home DIY treatment kit and protocol

You don't have to suffer alone with hair loss. No matter where you are, you can get help and healthier, stronger hair.

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