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Bring the power of Cellustrious® to your practice and help your patients grow up to 50% more hair in 3 months.

Cellustrious® has helped hundreds of patients and is offered at clinics and med spas around the country.

No Surgery | No Drugs | No Hormones | Plant-Based | Non-Toxic | No Downtime | Clinically-Tested Ingredients

Your Patients Will Love Cellustrious® Results

Cellustrious® uses 9 of the most powerful peptides and plant-derived growth factors (including Procapil® and Anagain®), to target the triggers for hair loss, promote scalp hygiene, reduce toxicity, and complete hair nutrition, promote cell differentiation and proliferation, inhibit DHT and decrease calcification.

Priceless value

Restore your patients' confidence and change their lives

100% Natural

Offer a powerful treatment without drugs or toxic chemicals

Virtually painless

Treat patients non-invasively

No downtime

Help your patients stay on their normal routine

Grow Your Practice with Cellustrious®

You can improve your bottom line while you delight your patients with outstanding results. Cellustrious® is affordable for both your patients and your practice.


Grow your practice with happy patients enjoying real results

Low risk

Use our disposable setups to minimize cross-contamination

No Labs

Use labs at your own discretion

Turnkey service

Implement easily with our Easy Grow Start-Up Package

Predictable scheduling

Treat patients monthly in 45-60 minutes

Easy staffing

Administer with non-medical professionals in many states

Passive income

Earn revenue from Cellustrious® At Home product sales

Fast ROI

Add a profitable service with minimal investment

Getting Started is Easy

With our Easy Grow Start-Up Package, you get everything you need to start treating patients. And you can recoup your Cellustrious® investment by treating just a few patients. Our Easy Grow Start-Up Packageincludes:

• Cellustrious® Proprietary equipment and training

• Cellustrious® Professional treatment kits (5 kits)

• Cellustrious® At Home kit (1 kit)

• Cellustrious® marketing assets to help you to grow your practice

Have Questions?

Cellustrious® Results

Among men and women, Cellustrious® consistently delivers a significant improvement (30-50% increase in hair growth) in as few as three to five treatments without the side effects of other options. For illustrative purposes, Rogain averages a 25% increase. We have treated hundreds of clients with Cellustrious®, and the results consistently demonstrate significant improvement among males and females. Before and after pictures of clients show substantial improvement after just two treatments when used along with Cellustrious® At Home products.
For clients who choose a surgical or medication path for hair loss, Cellustrious® can be used alongside FUE, FUT, PRP, lasers, and medications to support their success. Specifically, we find the results of the transplant and PRP are better with Cellustrious® At Home products as they support growth.

Yes. If your office offers other treatments for hair loss, such as PRP, FUE, FUT, lasers, or some medications, the Cellustrious® At Home products will support the quality and efficacy of existing treatments. Additionally, the Cellustrious® Professional treatments can decrease inflammation, fibrosis, and calcification and improve circulation and overall scalp health. When combined with other treatments, Cellustrious® patients see a bigger boost in their results.

Cellustrious® patent-pending proprietary formulation contains 9 powerful, plant-based ingredients, including Procapil® and Anagain®, all of which have undergone significant clinical testing * and is manufactured in an FDA-approved and compliant lab.

Misti Barnes, the founder of Cellustrious®, participated in clinical trials for a leading Irvine, CA lab for human bone marrow stem cell cytokines, utilizing her proprietary technique. The subjects she treated achieved good results, but she thought she could get better results by combining her technique with plant-based bio-actives. She teamed up with a leading biochemist specializing in hair science with 40+ hair-related patents and developed the Cellustrious® product line.

Cellustrious® has undergone significant anecdotal client trials. The Cellustrious® client experience trials consisted of a sample of 25 females and males with AGA, TE, Traction Alopecia, and AA. 93% of those in the study produced consistent and predictable results, with a minimum 40% increase in hair, volume, and quality. Among men and women, Cellustrious® consistently delivers significant improvement in as little as 3-5 treatments.

Operational Considerations

Medical professionals, doctors, RNs, NPs, PAs, and in many states, treatments can be administered by non-medical professionals. Cellustrious® training and proprietary techniques will equip you and your team to deliver an outstanding patient experience.

Cellustrious® offers an incredible return on your investment. In the short term, your initial investment provides the equipment, training, and supplies to begin offering Cellustrious® Professional services in your office. You can recoup your Cellustrious® investment by treating just a few patients. An average patient will need 6-10 Cellustrious® Professional treatments as well as Cellustrious® At Home products to use between treatments. Once patients achieve their desired results, patients will move to a maintenance plan (typically an annual in-office treatment and weekly use of Cellustrious® At Home products). As patients watch their hair grow with Cellustrious®, they will happily continue their monthly treatments, purchase products, and tell their family and friends, which gives you a robust long-term ROI.

Cellustrious® Professional Partner training is a two-day training, and we can bring it to your clinic, medspa, or aesthetic practice. 

Day 1: Instructional

• Hair anatomy and physiology

• Scalp and skin conditions

• Identifying and determining causes of hair loss

• Patient assessments

• How to treat a patient

• Patient results

• Patient aftercare

Day 2: Hands-on:

• Patient assessment with a live model

• Patient treatment with a live model

• Cellustrious® At Home protocols with a live model

• Professional marketing support

Day 1 content can be facilitated remotely. Pleasecontact us to discuss. 

Let's Grow Together!

Cellustrious® is designed to seamlessly integrate into your practice, so you can focus on getting the best results for your patients.