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Bring Cellustrious® to your clinic or medspa, with a low consumable cost and high ROI.

  • Low Initial Investment (training includes machine and supplies, pays immediately for itself)
  • Easy and Highly Profitable Treatment (355% ROI)
  • Long Term Residual Revenue with Home Maintenance Kits

Cellustrious® uses 9 of the most powerful peptides and plant derived growth factors (including Procapil® and Anagain®), to target the triggers for hair loss, including: promote scalp hygiene, reduce toxicity, complete hair nutrition, promote cell differentiation and proliferation, inhibit DHT and decrease calcification.

In many states, treatment can be administered by non-medical professionals, easily. This in-office and at-home solution yields long-term revenue, through retail product sales. Cellustrious® can be used along with other hair protocols: FUE, PRP, FUT, exosomes and lasers to increase their success, especially when combined with our Home Maintenance Kit.


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Professional Training Information


  • Proprietary Microneedling Machine
  • Training Manual
  • 5 In-Office Treatment Kits
  • 1 At-Home Maintenance Kit
  • Before & After Images
  • Practice Building Assets & Promotional Materials
  • Cellustrious® Products at Wholesale Pricing
  • Listing as a Recommended Provider on our Website



  • Identifying & Determining Causes
  • Client Assessment
  • How to Treat Patient
  • Patient Results / Outcomes


  • Hands—on Treatment (with Live Model)
  • Marketing & Cross Promotion
  • Social Media
  • Home Protocols
Professional Kit

Patient At-Home Kit Includes:

Hair Loss Thousand Oaks | Cellustrious® Conditioner

Cellustrious® Rejuvenation Conditioner

Hair Loss Thousand Oaks | Cellustrious® Hair Follicle Rejuvenation Serum

Cellustrious® Hair Follicle Rejuvenation Serum

Hair Loss Thousand Oaks | Cellustrious® Scalp Replenisher

Cellustrious® Scalp Replenisher

Hair Loss Thousand Oaks | Cellustrious® Scalp Stamp

Cellustrious® Scalp Stamp


The causes of hair loss are complex and various, and It can impact every facet of a person’s life, and most importantly, how they feel about themselves. While many products claim to reverse hair loss, few succeed. Primarily, because they isolate a single aspect of what is causing the loss, and/or they treat hair loss as the problem, not the symptom.

Clients typically come to us after trying nearly everything else: PRP, Minoxidil/Rogaine, Propecia, laser treatment, vitamin supplements, extensions, FUE, and FUT, and not getting their desired results. We must address all of the primary causes of hair loss Thousand Oaks, starting from the inside out.

Through extensive client trails and research, we developed Cellustrious®, hair care protocols and treatments designed to deal with the main causes of hair follicle damage, specifically:

  • Oxidative Stress/Free Radicals
  • 5-Alpha Reductase
  • Lack of Follicle Base Circulation
  • Energy and the Need for ATP
  • Scalp Fibrosis and Calcification
  • Inflammation

We also focus on two important keys to hair health: Diet and Lifestyle.

How is Cellustrious® different?

The Cellustrious® protocol was developed by Misti Barnes, Trichologist (Associate), and a leading biochemist with a background in hair science (L’Oreal, Aveda) who holds 40+ hair patents.

Prior to developing Cellustrious, Barnes participated in clinical studies for a leading Irvine, CA lab, of 100 clients utilizing bone marrow stem cell cytokines to treat hair loss. The inconsistent results led Barnes to conclude that growth factors were a more effective solution to hair loss Thousand Oaks, which is how Cellustrious® was developed.

As a result of her research on growth factors, peptides and cytokines, Barnes was asked to present her findings at the 2018 and 2019 to the Boston Biolife Regenerative Medical Conference – the only non-medical professional to be honored in such a way.

Misti has appeared on Fox Health News, and is a speaker at professional health gatherings. She’s published three books (Hazelden Publishing), has been published in the Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine, and served as a contributing editor to THE Aesthetic Guide, published by Medical Insight.

Her pioneering work has been acknowledged by doctors and leaders in the hair loss Thousand Oaks industry. The Cellustrious® technique is being used to train professionals across the U.S.


What is in Cellustrious®?

Cellustrious® proprietary serum contains five of the most powerful plant derived factors and peptides, including Procapil® and Anagain®. in order to trigger dormant hair follicles. There is no down-time, and it is less costly than most other treatments.

There may be a few doing procedures similar to Cellustrious®, but not with documented results for hair loss. The treatment can be administered by non-medical professionals (state dependent) who are trained to microneedle. Our treatment protocol is safe and easy to administer. It requires:

  • No Injections
  • No Drugs
  • No Surgery
  • No Labs
  • No Medication
  • No Downtime

Growth factors are proteins capable of stimulating cellular growth, proliferation, healing and cellular differentiation. Used medically for years to treat blood diseases and cancers; they have a strong history for wound healing.

We know that growth factors also play a pivotal role in skin and now, hair rejuvenation and hair loss Thousand Oaks solutions. A great deal of scientific work has been devoted to finding ways to stimulate the hair follicles using plant-derived active ingredients in the laboratory.


Is Cellustrious® Easy to Administer?

Yes. Cellustrious® is a turnkey, in-office treatment that can be administered within 45-60 minutes by a licensed professional. Once you are licensed as a Cellustrious® practitioner, you will be certified and receive our continued support, including video tutorials and protocol updates, at no extra charge.


What is the Training Comprised of?

Our training consists of a complete introduction to hair anatomy and physiology, scalp and skin conditions, patient assessment and protocols with live models, as well as aftercare and professional marketing support.

In addition to the training, the technician will receive:

  • One Proprietary Microneedling Machine
  • Set-ups for 5 In-Office Treatments & At-Home Maintenance Kits
  • Before & After Images
  • Practice Building Materials and Marketing Support
  • Cellustrious® Products at Wholesale Pricing
  • At $400 per Treatment, Investment more than pays for itself!

Who Can Administer Cellustrious®?

Medical pofessionals, doctors, RN’s, NP’s, PA’s, and in many states, TREATMENT CAN BE ADMINISTERED BY NON-MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. This in-office and at-home solution yields long-term revenue, through retail product sales. Cellustrious® can be used along with other hair protocols: FUE, PRP, FUT, exosomes and lasers to increase their success, specifically when used with our at-home products.

As a partnering professional, you are helping to bring the life-changing Cellustrious® hair loss Thousand Oaks treatment to more people, without the use of drugs, painful injections, or surgery.

What is my Return On Investment?

Cellustrious® provides an unmatched profitability opportunity for hair loss Thousand Oaks solutions, and can be very lucrative to a medical practice or medspa. Because our in-office protocol can be administered by non-medical professionals without a doctor present, and in some cases, estheticians may be licensed to administer Cellustrious®. (state dependent)

The turn-key, disposable in-office protocol set-ups and at-home retail kits provide very high profit margins and long-term residual profits for offices and medspas.This relatively painless process focuses on the pathways in order to trigger dormant hair follicles without drugs, surgery, or injections. There are no side effects or down-time. Cellustrious® offers a low consumables cost to in-office providers for hair loss Thousand Oaks for patients.

For example: At $400 per treatment, One client per day, with one at-home kit, your office will earn: $161,250 NET, per year.

The average client requires between 6-10 in-office Cellustrious® treatments, in addition to the at-home maintenance treatments. Once the client has achieved their desired results, we recommend they continue with weekl at-home maintenance treatments and annual in-office follow up treatments.

Will Cellustrious® work with other protocols?

Yes. If your office offers other treatments for hair loss Thousand Oaks, such as: PRP, FUE, FUT, lasers, or some medications, the Cellustrious® at-home retail kits will support the quality and efficacy of existing treatments. When combined with other treatments, our clients see a bigger boost in their results.

Our at-home treatment kit consists of: Cellustrious® Hair Follicle Serum, Cellustrious® Scalp Replenisher, Cellustrious® Scalp Stamp and Cellustrious® Leave-In Conditioner.

Has Cellustrious® conducted clinical trials?

Cellustrious® has undergone significant anecdotal client trials. Our patent-pending proprietary formulation contains powerful, plant-based ingredients, including Procapil® and Anagain®, all of which have undergone significant clinical testing. * Our manufacturing lab and facility is FDA approved and compliant.

Barnes participated in clinical trials for a leading Irvine, CA lab, utilizing human bone marrow stem cell cytokines, utilizing her proprietary technique. The clients she treated achieved good results, but she thought she could do better for her clients. So Barnes teamed up with a leading biochemist with a background in hair science and 40+ hair patents, developed the Cellustrious® serum and product line.

The Cellustrious® client experience trials consisted of a sample of 25 females and males with AGA, TE, Traction Alopecia and AA. 93% of those in the study produced consistent and predictable results, with a minimum 40% increase in hair, volume and quality. Among men and women, Cellustrious® consistently delivers significant improvement in as little as 3-5 treatments.

*Clinical trials for individual ingredients available upon request.

How long does the training take?

In our TWO DAY TRAINING, you can bring the Cellustrious® in-office protocol and at-home product line to your medspas, doctor’s office or aesthetic practice.

Our licensing and training licensed focuses on: Theory, Hair Anatomy and Physiology, Client Assessment, Cellustrious® Treatment Protocol with a live model, as well as Marketing Strategies and continued support for your practice.

We offer updated training on-line courses. Please call us at 213.536.9339 for information and pricing.

What about efficacy?

Among men and women, Cellustrious® consistently delivers a significant improvement (an average of 30-40% increase in hair growth) in as few three to five treatments without the side effects of other options, vs. Rogaine, which averages a 25% increase.

We have treated hundreds of clients with the Cellustrious® Hair Rejuvenation system. The results consistently demonstrate improvement ranging from significant to dramatic among both males and females. Before and after pictures of clients show significant improvement after just two treatments, when used along with the at-home maintenance products.

For clients who choose a surgical or medication path for hair loss Thousand Oaks, Cellustrious® can be used alongside FUE, FUT, PRP, lasers and medications to support their success. Specifically, when it comes to the at-home treatments, we find the results of the transplant and PRP are better, as they support growth.