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Why Is Cellustrious® Different?

Most doctors treat hair loss based on scientific research from the 1940s. They’ll usually blame the problem on “bad genetics,” and offer you drugs, topicals, or surgery. This is not the best way to approach hair loss. Not everyone’s experience with losing their hair is the same. While some hair loss is hereditary, other types are caused by medications, stress, or medical conditions.

We view hair as an indicator of your health, blood quality, and energy reserves. When you are in good health and have plenty of blood and energy to spare, your body has plenty of excess resources to grow strong, healthy locks. When you are stressed, worn down, or sick, your hair is not the body’s main priority and can result in the hair falling out. This is why many people look for regrow hair treatments in St Petersburg, FL.

These outdated treatments can have mixed results and devastating side effects that can harm your body long term…

There’s a newer field of research called “epigenetics” which has blown up the old ways of thinking about hair loss. Epigenetics tells us we can influence how our genes are expressed…whether or not a particular gene is “activated” and even if a particular protein is produced in the body.

We are no longer at the mercy of our "bad" genes.

Genetics affect hair, but they don't have to have the final say. If you are looking for holistic hair loss treatments in St Petersburg, FL, then Cellustrious is a great choice for you. Here's why!

Cellustrious® uses the power of epigenetics to give you an effective, healthy way to grow hair even if you have a genetic predisposition for hair loss.

Cellustrious® uses plant-based biosignals and peptides to turn the hair cells that have gone “off” back “on” without affecting your DNA.

Our proprietary blend of clinically-tested ingredients in our regrow hair treatments in St Petersburg, FL “target” the cells and deliver exactly what your follicles need to grow healthy hair.

Cellustrious® improves circulation, promotes follicle growth, and revitalizes the hair from the inside out. So you can stop worrying about your hair and start living again.

Hair Loss Is a Symptom... Not a Diagnosis

The traditional “culprits” like genetics or DHT get all the attention when it comes to hair loss, but there are many causes, like hormones, inflammation, toxicity, medication, stress, nutrition…even covid-19.

Our hair loss treatments in St Petersburg, FL target the underlying factors responsible for hair loss. We take a “whole body” approach that addresses environmental, behavioral and nutritional issues.

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Jumpstart your results with our proprietary, science-backed in-office protocols.

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You know the root cause(s) of your hair loss, and would rather treat yourself from home.

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