Hair loss is the symptom. Hair loss is not the problem.

No matter what is causing your hair loss Thousand Oaks, it is important to deal with the problem as soon as possible. Our goal at Cellustrious® is to get your hair back to health without the use of invasive treatments, injections, surgery, drugs or toxic ingredients that may harm the body or your system.

In addition to the Cellustious® in-office protocol and at home treatments, we will create a detailed, comprehensive plan to address your particular situation. Our individualized plan will include a lifestyle, diet, and stress reduction blueprint that has been tailored to address your specific issues.

Why Should I Contact Cellustrious?

If you are looking for an alternative to drugs, surgery, lasers and supplements for hair loss Thousand Oaks, you are a candidate for Cellustrious®.

If you’ve tried over-the-counter treatments, supplements, lasers, or if you’ve tried transplants, FUE, FUT, PRP, monoxidil, Propecia, or other medical treatments and have had limited success, you’re a candidate for treatment. If you’ve been disappointed by the treatments you’ve tried and don’t want to throw your money down the drain, you’re a great candidate for Cellustrious®.

Some professionals don’t take hair loss seriously, and dismiss the effect it has on a person’s life. Hair thinning and loss is painful, for men and women, and we understand that it has a huge impact on your self-esteem.

We take the issue of hair loss Thousand Oaks seriously, as well as your health. We know you have many options, and we want to be of help and service to you. We’re as committed to your success as you are. When you’re happy with your results, so are we!

Who Should Contact Cellustrious®?

If you’re a physician, NP, RN, PA, and (state dependent) or an esthetician, you may administer the Cellustrious® protocol, with the proper licensing. If you’re interested in offering an easy to administer, painless treatment that requires no drugs, labs or injections, then Cellustrious® is right for your office. Even if you’re already offering other hair loss options (FUE, FUT, Lasers, PRP) you will find that Cellustrious® will help support and improve your clients’ results.

If you are suffering from hair loss Thousand Oaks or hair thinning, whether it be due to medication, weight loss, pregnancy, stress, Andrgenetic Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata, Traction Alopecia and or hair loss due to hormones or menopause, then you are a candidate for the Cellustrious® treatment protocol.

Cellustrious® works on clients of all ages, ethnicities, and hair types. We find that the term AGA (Androgentic Alopecia) is often over-diagnosed, and in many cases, we can help by eliminating some of the triggers that are causing the loss.

Because we take a whole-body and lifestyle approach based on epigenetics, we’re able to identify and target the main triggers to hair loss. In order to adequately treat the hair, we must address all of these triggers. We create a lifestyle plan designed specifically to address the hair related issue, and find that the treatments garner great results for our clients.

What Have Clients Said After Contacting Cellustrious?

Physicians and our clients and physicians agree that the research and science behind Cellustrious® is impressive. We aim to treat the main causes of hair loss, including: inflammation, toxicity, calcification, DHT, and cell proliferation and differentiation. Many of these causes are not addressed by treatments such as: PRP, or Rogaine, or even transplants.

Most of our clients agree that they feel we truly care about them and their success. Frankly, we don’t give pat answers or dismiss your concerns. hair loss Thousand Oaks is very complex and there are no overnight solutions. Most clients appreciate that their health is our main priority. Our philosophy is, “the most natural, least toxic approach is always best.”

When is the Ideal Time to Contact Cellustrious?

Any time is a good time to deal with hair loss. Because it is not apparent until the follicle has gone “dormant”, it may seem to be too late. It’s usually not. With the proper plan and execution of the plan, we can retrigger those follicles back to a state of “dormancy.”

While dealing with the problem early on is best, we treat clients of all ages and ethnicities, and find that they respond. If a client has been balding for twenty years and has had several transplants, then the response time will be longer, but they can still get results. The truth is, we won’t know how you’ll respond until you’ve had an exam and treated. Once we’ve seen how your body responds to several treatments, we’ll have an indicator of what we can expect.
We’ve treated clients from age 20 to 75, and sometimes, we’re even surprised and blown away by the results. Every body is different, and so is every response.

What Makes Cellustrious® different?

Cellustrious® is a proprietary blend that includes 5 of the most powerful, plant-derived growth factors, including Procapil® and Anagain®, as well as: Noggin KGF EGF HFDPC. These ingredients help with the prevention of conversion of DHT from testosterone on the receptor of the cell, stimulation of capillaries, endothelial cell migration, proliferation and differentiation, help with scalp blood circulation and the revitalization of hair follicles, and boosting the turnover of the human follicle dermal papilla cells. They also nourish blood vessels, regulate thickness, and growth, while increasing hair life span.

When applied in our proprietary, patent-pending treatment, we find the results are more consistent and better than most traditional treatments.

How Does Cellustrious® Work?

Cellustrious® uses the highest quality ingredients to target the triggers for hair loss Thousand Oaks, promote scalp hygiene, reduce toxicity, complete hair nutrition, inhibit DHT and decrease calcification. This in-office and at-home solution yields long-term revenue, through retail product sales.

Why Do We Include Gallery?

We understand when it comes to your hair, and the multiple options available, you want to know what works. At Cellustrious, we understand that results are important to you. Therefore, for your convenience, we have hand selected some of our favorite patient success stories to show you the increase in volume, density, and overall health and quality of the hair straight from the root.

Do Results Vary?

As with anything, results will be dependent upon the health of the client, and their commitment to the protocol. We find that when clients are consistent with their treatments and their at-home protocol, the results are consistently reliable.

Client Results

Although results may vary, most clients experience a 40% increase in hair volume after three simple treatments. Most people require between 6-10 in-office treatments in combination with at-home maintenance.