MIsti is an expert in this field and has results that are better than some doctors for hair loss Thousand Oaks treatment. She has done extensive research and is very knowledgeable about all things hair. I am learning her technique and can’t stress how supportive she is, if and when I have any questions at all. As I go forward, I hope to have as many patients with such amazing results. Thank you Misti for your caring expertise!

Mona E.

Beverly Hills, CA

“I really enjoyed my experience with Misti for hair loss Thousand Oaks. I first saw her after I had a had a bout of Telogen Effluvium and lost some hair. She is caring and understanding and even after the first 2 treatments, I noticed hair growth. Not only was there hair growth but the hair growth remained. As I doctor, I understand not all patients are going to have the same effect as me but I was impressed. Treating the underlying condition (if any) is key. But Misti has definitely come upon something revolutionary which can help many patients even with most underlying medical conditions. I highly recommend her.”

Julie Abraham

Santa Monica, CA

I decided to try Cellustrious to grow back my eyebrows. I’ve had issues with growing my brows since I was a teenager due to over plucking. I’ve tried numerous brow treatments over the years and none of them showed permanent results until Cellustrious. I’ve been using this treatment for over 7 months now and I’m thrilled to say I have new, thick brow growth. It’s been such a blessing to have found a solution to years of eyebrow frustrations. Misti is extremely knowledgeable in hair loss Thousand Oaks. I love knowing that the serum I’m using on my brows has no chemicals. I highly recommend Misti and this great treatment she developed!

Carrie Ann Collin

Burbank, CA

I’m so happy with the results from my Cellestrious hair treatments. I’ve been a client for 7 months and have had at least 50% new growth. The procedures are painless and most importantly, effective. I would recommend the procedure and products to anyone struggling with hair loss Thousand Oaks. It works and I’m so glad I did the treatments. Thank you, Misti!

Peter Broudy

Westlake Village, CA

I was looking at different alternatives, hair transplants and so forth. My hair was thinning out very fast and it was starting to really bother me. I came across Misti online and I thought I give this a shot. It seemed the most realistic way of trying to fight the thinning and balding, and it’s working very well. It’s been five months now, and the hair’s really coming in, and my wife is happy to have that! I haven’t tried any other treatments but I did my homework, and I found that this would be the most advanced way of approaching thinning, with the most permanent results. According to my wife I have filled in at least 40 to 50%. I would absolutely recommend Cellustrous above and beyond transplants or anything else.

Alan I.

Burbank, CA

I have gotten Cellustrious® treatments by Misti for a few months, and I have had a huge hair growth from her procedure. I also use her products at home. Misti is very knowledgeable, flexible and fun to work with.

Lilit M.

Burbank, CA

After spending so much money on hair treatments and implants I finally find this place… highly recommended Cellustrious for everyone who is looking a better looking head full of hair thick and healthy, unfortunately can’t give more than 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ x2 ???? Thanks Misti

Eyvar V.

Thousand Oaks, CA

I am so happy with my results, I had only two treatments but my hair line is full and I can’t even see my scalp anymore. I tried PRP in the past and I didn’t see any results to be honest, if anyone is thinking about trying this treatment, DO IT.
The only regret I have is not finding Misti and Cellustrious® earlier!

Chloe G.

San Antonio, TX

I have been doing Cellustrious treatments for a few months and it has been great. Misti was so good at explaining everything to me – what to do, why to do it and how the treatments work. Unlike so many people, she really does care about getting the best results for her clients. Misti is very honest about what it takes to achieve your best results and how long it could take.

I love that the treatments are pretty easy and based in science. I definitely recommend that anyone who is experiencing hair loss Thousand Oaks reach out to Misti and give Cellustrious a try before moving to drug treatments of surgery.

Damion Taylor

Westlake Village, CA

Misti is awesome and knows exactly what she’s doing. Besides her Cellustrious® treatments she gives amazing insight on how to keep your hair healthy and on your head!

Sarkis S.

Glendale, CA

I saw Misti’s presentation at the Boston Biolife Medical Conference Aesthetic Course and I am impressed.

Dr. Zvedomir Zamfirov

All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine, Annapolis, MD

I’ve had two Cellustrious® treatments and have already seen results. Misti recommended a multifaceted approach that has been working. She is professional and explains things from a scientific standpoint. She is very forthcoming with information throughout the whole process and is a sweet and pleasant person to work with.

Nick R.

Costa Mesa, CA

My hair was falling out faster than it was growing. After consulting with Misty I began to see and feel the improvement. Wow! Thank you, Misty for your expertise and kindness!

Jules M.

Westlake Village, CA

After having a very stressful experience with hair loss Thousand Oaks, I was given hope after meeting Misti and learning about Cellustrious. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and gave me the confidence that I’ll be able to get my hair to a place that I’m happy with. She not only provides the amazing Cellustrious treatment to clients with hair loss, she also advises on lifestyle changes that I’ve found to be super helpful. While I’m still in the early stages of the treatment process, I feel very excited about continuing and seeing results. I’ve already noticed a lot less hair loss after just one treatment and using her products at home!

Sydney Eton

Brentwood, CA