Q: What makes Cellustrious® different than other treatment options on the market?

A: Misti Barnes, certified trichologist and founder of Cellustrious®, has a proven track record of working with and overcoming hair loss.  She’s treating over 1,000 patients with a 90% success rateShe defines success as 30-50% growth in new hair.

This radically different approach fights back against “genetic” and other types of hair loss, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, or toxic chemicals. The basis of the protocol is a proprietary, patent-pending plant-based peptide treatment along with ozone therapy to deal with hair loss. We also look at and address: 1) Auto-immune issues, 2) Nutritional deficiencies  3) Hormones and, 4) Lifestyle and Stressors.

Q: Is this similar to PRP or exosome treatments? Is anything injected into the skin during the process?

A: This is not PRP, and there are no injections or labs required with Cellustrious® for hair loss. We use a proprietary machine that utilizes microfine needles which graze over the scalp, that the body recognizes as injury. The body begins to produce collagen, neovascularization, and growth factor production which the body simulates through what is called a “perceived injury”. While the body is in this state, it’s open to receive the Cellustrious® serum, which includes peptides and cytokines that were developed to target the triggers of hair loss.

Q: Is this procedure safe?

A: Yes. Because we don’t ablate the top layers of skin, the risk of infection is minimalized and inflammation time is greatly reduced, especially when compared to other options, like PRP. All equipment (needles, tubes, casings, etc.) is pre-packaged, sterilized, and discarded after each use. The Cellustrious® serum is comprised of a proprietary blend of plant-derived actives, peptides and cytokines designed to target the dormant follicles.

Q: What is the recovery time and what will I look like when the procedure is done?

A: Most people experience redness similar to a sunburn, which lasts for a few hours to one day, depending on the individual. You will be able to return to your daily routine immediately.

Q: Is the procedure painful?

A: Most describe it as a vibrating sensation, and find it very tolerable. To ensure comfort, we numb the scalp. If you require additional medication for comfort, consult a physician.

Q: How many treatments will I need?

A: The number of treatments depends upon the desired results for hair loss, the amount of hair loss, and presenting physical health. We normally see visible results within 4 treatments, but every case is different. The Cellustrious® at-home protocol supports the in-office treatments. Once treatments are completed, however, results can be maintained with at-home treatments. Bi-annual in-office maintenance is recommended.

Q: How long does it take to get results?

A: Hair grow at 1.25 centimeters per month and it grows in cycles. So, there is generally a 3-5 month timeframe before we see results. Most client require 6-10 months for full effect. The average 6-8 treatments, done in-office, monthly. DIY Home treatments may take longer, depending on the causes of the hair loss.

Q: How often do I need in-office treatments?

A: The first treatment is twice in a month, because we want to monitor you, make sure you’re on the right track and kick-start your progress. After that, you come in once per month until you’ve achieved your results. A maintenance treatment is require yearly for best results.

Q: I’ve done PRP and/or a hair transplant, or am planning to. Will this improve my results?

A: Yes. Our in-office and our at-home protocols will increase the results and success of other treatments, because we are targeting and feeding the hair follicle, which is something the OTHER methods are doing.

Q: What should I do prior to the procedure?

A: Wash your hair prior to treatment and do not use any hairdressing, sprays, or gels. After treatment, hair should NOT be touched or washed. No swimming or sweating or hair products for 24 hours after treatment. Normal shampooing and your regular haircare routine may be resumed 24 hours after treatment.