Grow Up to 50% More Hair in 3 Months

You need to know the real reasons you’re losing your hair or you’re powerless to stop it. Most hair loss diagnoses are fundamentally flawed and based on outdated research. That’s why we take time to do an in-depth trichological diganosis of your hair, scalp, and overall health.

Then, we’ll develop a custom, non-surgical, drug-free, treatment protocol that utilizes our 9+ powerful plant-based peptides, along with a treatment “roadmap” to target the exact causes of your hair loss.

Money-back guarantee: We’ll identify the root cause of your hair loss or we’ll return 100% of your money.

Hair loss is rarely caused by one single factor. It’s usually a combination of factors, which is why it requires professional expertise and a plan specific to your cause(s) and condition.

We’ll start with a thorough examination of your hair follicles and scalp, and an analysis of medical, nutritional, hormonal, and lifestyle factors that might be contributing to your hair loss. From there, we’ll build a customized treatment plan to target the causes, and get you the best hair possible.

  • No Surgery
  • No Drugs
  • No Hormones, Non-Toxic

  • Clinically-Tested Ingredients
  • Plant-Based Peptide Treatments
  • Ozone Therapies
  • Customized Product Protocols

  • Nutritional Guidance


Stunning Before & Afters

Before - Hair Loss Treatment Bradenton FL
hair loss treatment for womenhair loss treatment for men
hair loss treatment for womenhair loss treatment for men
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male hair growth treatment 2 months before
male hair growth treatment 2 months after
Hair Restoration Cellustrious
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female hair growth 3 months results before
female hair growth 2 months after
3female hair growth 3 months after
hair loss treatment
male hair growth 5 months before
male hair growth 3 months results
male hair growth 6 months result
hair loss treatment Cellustrious 9 month
hair growth 5 months before
hair growth 5 months results
hair growth 9 months results

Effective Hair Loss Treatment

The truth is, the sooner you catch your hair loss, the better. Hair loss is progressive – it only gets worse with time. The loss didn’t happen overnight, and it won’t improve overnight – THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES – and hair loss is a SYMPTOM, NOT THE PROBLEM.

Even if you’ve tried other treatments, drugs, or even surgery and failed, you should respond to Cellustrious®. That’s because most treatments don’t address the main cause of hair loss. Cellustrious® does.

Love Your Hair Again

Cellustrious® is used to treat males and females, ages 20-70, including those with AGA (Androgenetic Alopecia), TE (Telogen Effluvium), AA (Alopecia Areata) and Traction Alopecia, as well as hair loss due to hormonal and menopausal changes. It works on all ethnicities and hair types.

Cellustrious® combines in office and home treatments, with a unique plan designed specifically for each situation. Once we know the cause(s) of the loss, we can design a plan specifically for you. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” especially when it comes to hair health!

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