It is important to consider our health and our diet when it comes to hair loss. Cellustrious® is offering a $27 hair analysis along with a scalp replenisher for all first time patients. Reach out to us at 213-536-9339 to set up your appointment for a consultation.

Once a person has started to develop hair loss we have got to do some work to uncover the causes. One of the causes may be inflammation from the diet. In order to optimize our bodies’ hormone production and minimize foods that contribute to chronic systemic inflammation means eating an anti-inflammatory, thyroid conscious diet. This means the elimination of and reduction of goitrogens, as well as adding omega three and eating what is known as “nose to tail,” to balance glycine ratios. Cellustrious® believes that the whole body treatment needs to be considered when it comes to hair loss, and that includes an analysis of the body, as well as an in office treatment. The Cellustrious® in office treatment was developed by trichologist, author and trainer Misti Barnes, as well as a biochemist with a background in hair science (Aveda L’Oreal), who holds 40 hair patents. The patent-pending process called Cellustrious® uses micro needling along with five of the most powerful plant derived my biosignals, peptides and cytokines. In addition to the in office treatment we offer a Cellustrious® at home kit.

The Cellustrious® Home Kit includes the Cellustrious® scalp stamp, the Cellustrious®  leave-in conditioner, the Cellustrious® scalp replenisher, and the Cellustrious® hair follicle rejuvenation serum. All of our products were designed to target the primary triggers leading to hair loss. Cellustrious® also offers Professional advanced training to medical professionals and licensed individuals who are interested in offering Cellustrious® at their med spa, medical clinic or office. All of the Cellustrious®  technicians will be trained in the Cellustrious® protocol as well as looking at the holistic aspects to what just might be causing the hair loss. We at Cellustrious® believe that the diet, lifestyle, microbiome, and treatment for hair loss must be consistent along with the in-office and at home Cellustrious® treatment protocol. That is, in order to get the most effective results.

We suggest that you eat organic, pasture raised meat and limit your dairy consumption. We also recommend that you see if you have a Candida sensitivity and make sure that you are supplementing with a good probiotic and vitamin D3. We also recommend that sugar be diminished in your diet as much as possible. Along with these approaches to your hair loss and Cellustrious® home treatments, we have seen consistent, reliable results with our patients.

If you are a medical professional and you are interested in being trained in the Cellustrious® office treatment, please reach out to us at info@ If you would like to learn more about our services and products go to If you would like to schedule your hair analysis you can do so now by calling us at 213-536-9339.

Hair loss | Cellustrious® and the role of Protein

Many vegans dealing with hair loss  have a harder time with hair regrowth due to the lack of protein in their system. If you would like to have us look at your hair loss and receive a $27 scalp replenisher along with a hair analysis reach out to Cellustrious® at 213-536-9339.

Protein is a very important component of having healthy hair and consuming the adequate amount of protein is critical for hair health or general health. However, the types of protein are important, and an overload of certain proteins can lead to chronic systemic inflammation. While many people believe that all proteins are equal, this is not true. For instance, every cut of an animal has its own amino acid profile, and not all profiles are created equal. And in the US animal meat is a major source of protein, which is mostly muscle meat. Diet plays a very important role and vegans as well as meat eaters and and vegetarians may be missing out by not having the right type of protein in their system. At Cellustrious®,  we look at the diet as well as the other causes of hair loss. Our non-invasive treatment, which utilizes no drugs, surgery, or medication, uses microneedling along with plant derived peptides, cytokines and biosignals, all designed to target the main triggers of the hair loss. Inflammation is one of the biggest triggers of hair loss.

Cellustrious® is a patent pending in office and at home treatment kit which was developed by trichologist, author and trainer Misti Barnes, along with a biochemist with a background in Hair science (L’Oreal, Aveda) who also holds 40 hair related patents. The treatment is easy to administer in office and at home, and we train licensed professionals and medical professionals in a two-day intensive training across the United States. If you are interested in learning about training and Cellustrious® contact us at:

While we know that diet is not the only cause to hair loss it does play a big part. At Cellustrious®  we try to help our patients by offering them help with all aspects of their lives, in order to help with their hair loss. When it comes to protein, for instance, rarely if ever do people eat liver, kidneys, brains and bones, when we consume one type of amino acid profile specifically muscle meat and consume it often, we’re laying the groundwork for inflammation systemically.  Over time this stomach inflammation will lead to other problems, ultimately creating fibrosis and calcification in the body and tissue that can ultimately lead to hair loss. Our goal is to help return the hair follicle to a healthy state, by offering are in office and at home treatment and help with your diet. If you would like to schedule a professional medical training contact us at info@ If you would like to schedule a scalp analysis, reach out to us at 213-536-9339. And if you would like to learn more about our products and services go to