When it comes to hair loss in men, it has traditionally been believed by the medical community that male related hair loss also known as androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness is genetically inherited.

For a long time researchers believed that the hair loss came from the maternal grandparents chromosomes, and so the mother side was often blamed for hair loss in men. We now know that male pattern baldness is polygenic, meaning that it comes from either side of the family and generally begins to develop after puberty.

The in the case of male pattern baldness andhair loss, it is believed that the presence of the hormone dihydrotestosterone or DHT is created when testosterone attaches to the 5-alpha enzyme, bonding to the hair follicle and causing it to diminish over time, until the follicle is so small it is not visible.

There are many myths about hair loss, including things like the presence of mites, clogged follicles, and poor circulation, however, in isolation, they do not individually contribute to hair loss. Good nutrition definitely has an impact on the quality of the hair, but generally, nutrition may or may not impact the quantity of the hair.

We know that hair loss is chronic and progressive, meaning that we don’t have a way to stop it at this point in time, but we may be able to revive dormant follicles.

“Epigenetics is about turning certain cells on and off,” says Misti Barnes, trichologist in St. Peterseburg, Florida, “and one of the ways we can do that is through the use of peptides.”

The Cellustrious® approach includes using microneedling, along with plant-derived peptides, growth factors, and cytokines, in order to target the triggers that lead to hair loss.

“This is a less invasive, natural approach to hair loss, that uses peptides to target those cells, helping to retrigger them,” says Barnes. “I’ve had a 90% success rate with my patients – meaning 90% get between 30-50 new growth.”

If hair loss has gotten the best of you or a loved one, or you are experiencing thinning hair, you might be a good candidate for this non-invasive treatment. Please call us at: 727-231-6689, or contact us at:info@Cellustrious.com.

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