Many people believe that the causes of hair loss for men specifically are gene-related.

But at Cellustrious® we question that assumption, and so our question is “if it’s completely genes, then how does epigenetics affect hair loss?”

The science of epigenetics is about how our genes can be turned on or off and it is the basis for most regenerative medicine treatments. The premise that we can regenerate our body by helping our bodies and thereby “turn on” certain genes and turn off others, is where we are headed. At Cellustrious®  we work to help trigger the follicles that have gone dormant, whether it be by genes, medication, stress, lifestyle or diet, as we can still target those genes and the potentially re-trigger dormant follicles.

Our success lies in a patent-pending treatmentcalled  Cellustrious®  hair follicle rejuvenation, which was developed by trichologist, Misti Barnes who is an author and trainer, who sees patients for hair loss. 

Barnes developed the concepts of  Cellustrious® after seeing many people with hair loss that were deemed hopeless because they had “bad genes.” Believing that there are other options Barnes, along with a biochemist with a background in her science ( Aveda, L’Oreal, Revlon), and who also holds 40 hair patents, developed a patent pending,  proprietary protocol that is used in office and at home. 

The  Cellustrious® protocol works on the theory that we can re-trigger follicles that may have gone dormant for many reasons, and that we aren’t just stuck with our genes. Our theory is that, like an old truck that sometimes needs the engine to be turned over a few times before starting again, so are the hair follicles – sometimes they need to be ignited several times before they’ll “restart,” if you will. 

The Cellustrious®  in office treatment which combine medical microneedling with the plant-derived growth factors is used along with the at home kit and the treatment works for men and women, of all ages and ethnicities. 

If you’re interested in having us take a look at your hair to see if you’re a good candidate for Cellustrious® go to, or call 727-231-6689.

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