Folliculitis is a dermatological condition that involves the inflammation of hair follicles. This condition is often linked to the presence of a yeast known as Malassezia furfur. While it can occur anywhere on the body, it is most commonly found on the scalp, face, neck, back, chest, and thighs. In this chapter, we provide an in-depth introduction to folliculitis, discussing its prevalence, causes, and types of folliculitis.

People who struggle with hair loss due to conditions like folliculitis or psoriasis know how frustrating it can be. So, when it comes to hair loss can folliculitis be the cause?

Causes and Triggers of Folliculitis

Understanding the root causes of folliculitis is essential for effective management and prevention. Chapter 2 explores the multitude of factors that can trigger folliculitis. Factors include bacterial, fungal, and mite infections, along wtih Malassezia furfur. We also discuss the role of a compromised immune system, skin conditions, and stressors contributing to folliculitis.

Scalp Folliculitis

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of folliculitis is crucial for early diagnosis and treatment. Common symptoms associated with folliculitis are redness, itching, and pustules or papules, on the scalp. It is important to deal with these symptoms early on in the diagnostic process. This may include clinical assessments and lab tests to confirm a folliculitis condition.

The scalp is a frequent site of folliculitis, and scalp folliculitis can be bothersome.

Common Treatments

Professionals may topical and oral medications, as well as alternative and natural remedies. More specialized treatments like Cellustrious®, which combines microneedling with plant-derived growth factors to target the underlying triggers of hair loss caused by folliculitis, is an alternative approach that we have found to be very effective with the condition, especially if it is dealt with in its early stages.

While folliculitis is generally not a cause of hair loss, it can play a crucial role in why some hair loss worsens, and it can inhibit some of the treatments that might otherwise work. When we treat folliculitis we can move on to the root causes of the hair loss.

New Research on Hair Loss Treatment

Folliculitis is a complex skin condition with various triggers, symptoms, and treatment options. A comprehensive discussion of Cellustrious®, an innovative treatment for hair loss related to folliculitis, developed by renowned trichologist Misti Barnes and a biochemist with expertise in hair science. Cellustrious® offers in-office treatments in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida along with at-home kits designed to rejuvenate hair follicles.

These clinically backed treatments use plant-derived peptides and cytokines known for their effectiveness in addressing inflammation that is related to folliculitis, toxicity, DHT inhibition and fibrosis.

Whether your hair loss is related to folliculitis, it’s important to know your options for treatment, so that you can remedy it as soon as possible.