It is important to consider our health and diet when it comes to hair loss. Once a person has started to develop hair loss we have got to do some work to uncover the causes.

“One of the causes may be inflammation from the diet. In order to optimize our bodies’ hormone production and minimize foods that contribute to chronic systemic inflammation means eating an anti-inflammatory, thyroid conscious diet,” says Trichologist Misti Barnes who practices in St. Petersburg, Florida.

This means the elimination of and reduction of goitrogens, as well as adding omega three and eating what is known as “nose to tail,” to balance glycine ratios. Cellustrious® believes that the whole body treatment needs to be considered when it comes to hair loss, and that includes an analysis of the body, as well as an in office treatment.

Misti Barnes developed the Cellustrious® in-office treatment along with a biochemist with a background in hair science (Aveda L’Oreal), who holds 40 hair patents.

The patent-pending process uses microneedling along with five of the most powerful plant derived biosignals, and peptides. In addition to the in office treatment we offer a Cellustrious® at home kit.

“We have to pay special attention to the role of protein. I believe that the diet, and that includes good proteins and Omega-3 supplementation from a high quality source,”

Barnes suggests that you eat organic, pasture raised meat and limit your dairy consumption.

She also recommends that you see if you have a Candida sensitivity and make sure that you are supplementing with a good probiotic and vitamin D3. Barnes  also recommends that sugar be diminished in your diet as much as possible to see improvement.

If you’d like to learn more about how to improve your hair and health, contact Barnes for a consultation at 727-231-6689.

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