There’s a new option for men and women with hair loss that is natural and non-invasive.

The treatment, called Cellustrious®, was developed after Misti Barnes, trichologist, author, trainer and collagen restoration therapist began seeing many of her clients struggling with hair loss.

After one client came to me, crying because she had not shown her husband her real hair in 10 years, I decided to do something. She had tried everything and failed. I vowed to help her, no matter what it took,” says Barnes.

The only options seemed to be  drugs, or surgery, and in most casessurgery wasn’t an option, as they were female clients – and most females are not candidates for hair transplants.

After several years of research and treating hair loss clients, Barnes teamed up with a leading biochemist who has a background in hair science (Aveda, L’Oreal, Revlon) and holds 40 hair related patents, to develop a treatment protocol. 

Cellustrious® combines medical microneedling and a powerful blend of growth factors which includes ingredients such as Noggin, which prevents the conversion of DHT from testosterone on the receptor of the cell, Kgf which stimulates capillaries, endothelial cell migration, proliferation and differentiation. It also includes EGF, which is a growth factor that helps with scalp blood circulation and the revitalization of hair follicles. It also contains vitis vinifera, which boosts the turnover of the human follicle dermal papilla cell; it also nourishes blood cells, regulates the thickness and growth and increases hair lifespan.

Cellustrious® requires no drugs, injections or painful surgery. The products, which were developed and manufactured by an FDA approved and compliant lab.

If you would like to set up an exam in our Florida clinic, contact us at, or call 727-231-6689.

Don’t give up on hair loss, you owe it to yourself to learn about Cellustrious®.  While not everyone can be helped by the same protocols, as our bodies are different,  we would love the opportunity to see if Cellustrious®  can be a benefit to you.

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