Do women and men lose hair in the same way?

The real answer is, no.

And, when it comes tohair loss, the connection between hair loss and hormones is much more prevalent in women than in men.

Since  women are much more susceptible to hormone fluctuations, their hair loss is often more difficult to identify, and isn’t always easy to deal with.

Female pattern baldness is different than  male pattern baldness. While the condition is still being researched, some of the more common causes of hair loss and baldness in women include: scalp disorders, which may result in temporary temporary or permanent hair loss and baldness such as Lupus and Alopecia Areata, iron deficiencies, thyroid conditions, high fever, post-surgical trauma, general anesthesia, poor diet, eating disorders, childbirth, hair extensions, heating and chemical treatments, as well as medications.

Fortunately, many of these conditions can be reversed with the correct and appropriate treatments.

While female pattern hair loss still needs to undergo a great deal more research, we have found the Cellustrious® treatment to be of help for a great many women. The treatment combines microneedling with a patent-pending proprietary, hair follicle serum that contains five of the most powerful peptides, including amino acids and growth factors known to support hair health.

For women and men who are experiencinghair loss and hair thinning, consider a non-invasive, non-surgical, pain less treatment, known as Cellustrious® hair follicle Rejuvenation.

If you would like more information about the treatment, in our St. Petersburg clinic, contact us at 727-231-6689, or reach out to and see our gallery, at:

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