Microneedling has been deemed the best scientifically proven method for reducing scalp calcification and fibrosis due to its ability to use energetic stimulation to improve circulation.

Microneedling, which was originally developed to reduce abnormal pigmentation and scarring, uses nano needles to create shallow perforations in the skin, which creates a controlled injury. The improvement from microneedling occurs because of the body’s ability to naturally heal in response to minor, superficial traumas. The shallow perforations in the skin enhance the penetration of products that are applied to the skin after the treatments.

Believing that  lack of circulation at the follicle base is one of the main causes of hair loss, is the reason trichologist, author and trainer, Misti Barnes, who began her career working with a prominent cosmetic surgeon and now has a clinic in St. Petersburg, Florida, began combining microneedling with peptides, to target the triggers that lead to  hair loss, and to support healthy hair.

Barnes trained in Collagen Restoration Therapy also known as microneedling, which is the use of nano needles to target skin scarring and to reduce wrinkles.

Barnes began applying the technique she used for scarring, with her hair loss clients. She found it to increase blood flow, reduce scalp fibrosis and scarring as well as enhancing the penetration of products.

While microneedling isn’t the panacea for her loss, it is a promising treatment for breaking down calcification on the scalp, which many agree could be a big part of triggering hair loss. In fact, studies by the Department of Dermatology in India have shown that microneedling is a safe and promising tool and hair stimulation useful for treating hair loss.

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