Many vegans dealing with hair loss have a harder time with hair regrowth due to the lack of protein in their system.

Protein is a very important component of having healthy hair and consuming the adequate amount of protein is critical for hair health or general health.

However, the types of protein are important, and an overload of certain proteins can lead to chronic systemic inflammation.

While many people believe that all proteins are equal, this is not true.

For instance, every cut of an animal has its own amino acid profile, and not all profiles are created equal. And in the US animal meat is a major source of protein, which is mostly muscle meat. Diet plays a very important role and vegans as well as meat eaters and and vegetarians may be missing out by not having the right type of protein in their system.

While we know that diet is not the only cause to hair loss it does play a big part. At Cellustrious®  we try to help our patients by offering them help with all aspects of their lives, in order to help with their hair loss.

When it comes to protein, for instance, rarely if ever do people eat liver, kidneys, brains and bones, when we consume one type of amino acid profile specifically muscle meat, and consume it often, we’re laying the groundwork for inflammation systemically.

Over time this stomach inflammation will lead to other problems, ultimately creating fibrosis and calcification in the body and tissue that can ultimately lead to hair loss.

Our goal is to help return the hair follicle to a healthy state, by offering in office and at home treatment and help with your diet.

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