Although there are dozens upon dozens  of options forhair loss, many of those options include drugs, and surgeries, or painful injections, expensive laser cabs, supplements and messy topical ointments, including minoxidil and Rogaine.

While many of these treatments have been around for quite some time, and most of us are familiar with them, we also know that  many of these treatments have impacted people in a negative way. In some cases, the side effects include erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction, and the increased risk of breast cancer.

When a treatment option causes a myriad of potential side effects like the ones stated above, the results can be quite devastating. People today are highly aware of the effects that drugs and surgeries have on their bodies, and are becoming less interested in invasive treatments that have such side effects.

Cellustrious® Hair Rejuvenation was developed by Trichologist Misti Barnes as a new, painless, holistic approach to hair loss and hair thinning.

Together, along with a biochemist with a background in hair Science (Loreal, Aveda) Barnes developed the patent-pending treatment which uses microneedling along with nine of the most powerful plant derived growth actives, peptides, and cytokines to target the triggers leading to hair loss. The treatment, which is done in-office also includes an at-home kit, that was designed to help maintain the results from the in-office treatments.

For those individuals of all ages and ethnicities, struggling with thinning hair or hair loss, and do not want to use drugs, surgeries, or painful injections, most find the Cellustrious® treatment to be painless, very easy and an affordable option.

In particular, forhair loss in St. Petersburg, FL, and across the United States, more non-invasive options are being requested by people. No longer do they want to undergo painful surgeries and take drugs, and be subjected to potential side effects.

Cellustrious® is one of the highest rated and reviewed options for hair treatment. If you would like schedule an exam please reach out to us at 727-231-6689, or email:

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