Sometimes due to diet issues, there are many vegans and vegetarians suffering from poor hair quality and even hair loss. 

To be frank, our diet is very connected to our hair quality, and so, if a person is not able to get the proper nutrients, their hair will be impacted.

With hair loss,  “it is very important to supplement and make some lifestyle and diet changes, in order to get the hair back and in good shape,” says Misti Barnes, trichologist, physician trainer and developer of the first plant-based office treatments called Cellustrious®.

The main ingredients of Cellustrious® come from the finest plant derived peptides. These plant-based ingredients have all been derived from the most powerful combination of plant protein sources, which include things like Saw Palmetto, Pea sprouts and Rosemary, and all of them are targeted to help people who are deficient in hair follicle nutrients. 

“I’ve found by working with professional providers to offer the Cellustrious®  in office treatment as well as the home kit to be a great help to those who are vegetarians and in many instances, vegans. The common denominator with vegetarians and vegans when it comes to hair loss is diet enrichment and supplementation. It is also that they get their thyroid checked.”

It is important that the body and the follicle get the nutrients it needs and it is not always able, if someone cannot consume enough nutrients by dieting. This is where supplementation will become absolutely critical. 

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If you have lost your hair and or are seeing more thinning due to your vegetarian or vegan diet there is help for you!

Give us a call at Cellustrious® at 727-231-6689. And go to our website at to see some of our many happy patients.  

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